The old Mywegmansconnect Portal at is no longer in use.

Instead, the url will re-direct any visitor to the the new login page, which is a Microsoft branded email login page, found at

Don’t worry, though the login page looks like a regular Microsoft Live/Hotmail login page, this is infact the new official sign in page for Mywegmansconnect.

Mywegmansconnect Login.

So how do I log in to my Wegmans employee account?

Simple. Your My Wegmans Connect account is still active:

  1. Visit in your internet browser or mobile phone browser. You will automatically be redirected to the new login page.
  2. Type in your Mywegmans Username with after it, for example: [email protected]
  3. Click on “Next”. Your Username will carry over to the next screen.
  4. On the next screen, enter your Mywegmansconnect password and click on “Sign In”.
  5. Your will now be logged in to Mywegmansconnect account.
mywegmansconnect login
You just need to enter your Wegmans email address on the frist screen. On the next screen, enter your password.

Alternatively, visit the Wegmans Schedule page here. This login page is for the Labor Pro Scheduling system. Once logged in, you can view your worked hours, your past and future schedules, and your Time Off.

To reset your Mywegmansconnect password, visit the Microsoft Password Reset page.

To reset your Mywegmansconnect Labor Pro password, visit the Password Reset page.

6 Thoughts to “ Login”

  1. Ritesh

    Thanks for letting us know about the new Mywegmansconnect login page

  2. Heidi Miller

    WHY must accessing my home page change.
    For someone who is not compute savvy this is difficult
    I wish it wasn’t such a challenge for me, but it is…

  3. Jan Golden

    I can’t log in mywegmansconnect. What am doing wrong?

  4. larry kramer

    what happened to just logging on.
    I just want to get my schedule and pay info not navigate 15 sites and still cannot log in

  5. Donna Smolucha

    Why fix what ain’t broke! My password hasn’t changed in 19 years! Why do we need so many changes? I just want to view my paystub!!!!

  6. Judy

    Trying to get my schedule and it’s not letting me open it

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