The old Mywegmansconnect Portal at is no longer in use.

Instead, the url will re-direct any visitor to the the new login page, which is a Microsoft branded email login page, found at

Don’t worry, though the login page looks like a regular Microsoft Live/Hotmail login page, this is infact the new official sign in page for Mywegmansconnect.

Mywegmansconnect Login.

So how do I log in to my Wegmans employee account?

Simple. Your My Wegmans Connect account is still active:

  1. Visit in your internet browser or mobile phone browser. You will automatically be redirected to the new login page.
  2. Type in your Mywegmans Username with after it, for example:
  3. Click on “Next”. Your Username will carry over to the next screen.
  4. On the next screen, enter your Mywegmansconnect password and click on “Sign In”.
  5. Your will now be logged in to Mywegmansconnect account.
mywegmansconnect login
You just need to enter your Wegmans email address on the frist screen. On the next screen, enter your password.

Alternatively, visit the Wegmans Schedule page here. This login page is for the Labor Pro Scheduling system. Once logged in, you can view your worked hours, your past and future schedules, and your Time Off.

To reset your Mywegmansconnect password, visit the Microsoft Password Reset page.

To reset your Mywegmansconnect Labor Pro password, visit the Password Reset page.

33 Thoughts to “ Login”

  1. Ritesh

    Thanks for letting us know about the new Mywegmansconnect login page

    1. joe campbell

      What new login page ???

  2. Heidi Miller

    WHY must accessing my home page change.
    For someone who is not compute savvy this is difficult
    I wish it wasn’t such a challenge for me, but it is…

  3. Jan Golden

    I can’t log in mywegmansconnect. What am doing wrong?

    1. macdala prevot

      I tried and tried but can’t login

  4. larry kramer

    what happened to just logging on.
    I just want to get my schedule and pay info not navigate 15 sites and still cannot log in

  5. Donna Smolucha

    Why fix what ain’t broke! My password hasn’t changed in 19 years! Why do we need so many changes? I just want to view my paystub!!!!

  6. Judy

    Trying to get my schedule and it’s not letting me open it

  7. Ivode

    i can’t get in mywegmansconnect i don’t know how to get in it so hard for me.

  8. joe campbell

    I can get in the Wegmans connect but I can not see my schedule what happened ???

  9. Dottie Schulz

    Cannot access my account. My wemansconnect app has even been deleted .
    I have to call every am to find out what time I am working.
    Or I have to have STL print out my 2 week schedule.
    So frustrating.
    Between this, and the new wegman’s app… things certainly aren’t better.

  10. Lisa Fairchild

    Can NOT get my schedule anymore….keeps saying redirecting. No problems in 7 years, now this…very frustrating.

  11. Mary Frances Iwancio

    I cant access my schedule any time. Covid message flashes on and off and it never moves on

  12. Rich

    This is very difficult! How do I sign in? Where? All I see is info but no clear pathway! Not good

  13. Roseann Qualdieri

    This website is no longer easy to access all I want to do is get my schedule and view my pay if needed but now I can only access it at home on my computer. Whatever you did to this site you made it so we can’t look at it on our phone very frustrating

  14. Deborah Dandrea

    I cannot log into my Wegmans connect I cannot get my schedule I cannot get my pay Check I can’t do anything it keeps throwing me out this needs to be fixed I’m sick of having to ask other people or having my schedule from the front desk

  15. David Jackson

    unable to get into site to access my schedule.

  16. stephanie speh

    I cannot get into

  17. jeanne felder


  18. Willine Richburg

    unable to log into account

  19. Annette Groll

    When using my iPhone or iPad to log into my account , I continuously have the same problem occur. It does not allow me to sign in and repeatedly comes up either redirecting or not valid sign in. It is very frustrating when trying to retrieve the information you need. Work schedule, benefit information etc.

  20. Brooke

    I love working for wegmans.

  21. Debra Bianchi

    I can not access my schedule using phone or computer


    does not connect. just keeps spinning around. lets go back to something very simple, just click and connect

  23. sandra mollenkopf

    I get Wegman site but will not let me do scedule or pay just keeps going off and on,It says redirected me to many times. Hope you can help. 40xxxx@wegmans,com.

  24. Geneva

    From the start to present day I continue to have difficulty logging onto Mywegmansconnect. Going on 11 years and nothing has changed. I can never get on just opening Chrome. If it does open site I can’t view sections i.e. schedule, payroll, benefits etc… It continously buffers. Thn I hv to download one browser after another until I find one that will open the full site…i.e. Firefox..Duck Duck Go..ASUS.. I have reached out to no avail several times about this issue and nothing has changed for the better. The different browsers will work for awhile then it won’t. So the browser shopping goes on. Opera..Mini Opera..etc. And there are so many other employees having the same issue. I am incredulous that this continues to be a problem.

  25. George w HERNDON

    I can’t open mywegmansconnect page
    I can’t get my work schedule or order my shoesforcrews page

  26. Tommy Philipps

    Very difficult and disappointing. Cannot get my info.

  27. Debbie Green

    It isn’t very friendly. 🙁 I was moved around a lot before I could get to the employees information. But still had to go to the store to get my work schedule. I’m sure it will get better. 🙂

  28. Terri MacNicoll

    I can’t login. Iv’e been trying for an hour. I.m sorry to say it’s a little frustrating.I guess I’ll get my schedule when I go to work. Have a good say.

  29. rich merrill

    Not happy with this site. I need to see my schedule and sign in. WHERE IN THIS FIELD DO I SIGN IN?

  30. Brandon Mccutcheon

    Unable to access my account it keeps telling me to contact system administrator

  31. Elizabeth Morea Ocean Twn N J

    Need to log on to my account but can’t I am an employee who is out because of the virus my name is Elizabeth Morea want to register for Virus shot

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